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Leather Sofa Cleaning SW6 Fulham

Clean Leather SofaLeather sofas are valuable investments which require suitable cares and maintenance. We can offer you our professional leather sofa cleaning services to keep these pieces of furniture in your home or commercial estate, located in SW6 Fulham clean at all times. You will receive excellent work and great value for your money.

Our technicians can estimate the type of each sofa – be it finished or unfinished leather, and apply suitable products to clean it. We offer darkening, stain and spillage removal at no extra cost. Get in touch with us to book the sanitising of your leather sofas.

To bring back the bright colours of your leather sofas and remove the darkening, stains and grime from them use our services.

Leather Sofa Cleaning
Leather Chair

£16 £15

Leather Sofa – Two Seat

£55 £50

Leather Sofa – Three Seat

£77 £70

Trustworthy Leather Sofa Cleaning Fulham

They involve:

  • Inspection and estimating of the type and condition of the furniture
  • Using of sprays to remove darkening and stains
  • Applying suitable cleaning solutions and detergents to sanitise leather sofas
  • Wiping the sofa with microfibre cloths
  • Applying sealants to moisturise the sofa and keep it resistant

If you use our leather sofa cleaning services the interior of your home and business estate, located in Fulham, will be in great condition. We guarantee you excellent sanitising which will remove stubborn stains, spillages from chemicals and beverages, darkening and dirt.

“Hey, I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to the cleaners working at your company. They were amazing. They were punctual and worked non-stop until my leather sofa looked brand new. There were some nasty stains, but your cleaners took care of them! Thank you so much, you are the best! ” – Phoebe

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    Leather Cleaning Services SW6

    Leather Sofa Cleaning FulhamOur staff spread suitable cleaning solution or foam to clean the sofas and use microfibre cloths to remove the soiling. They cover the cleaned sofas with sealants to make them resistant and protected from wearing out. This way the sofas are moisturised and kept clean for longer.

    If you need help with the sanitising of your stained, dirty and neglected leather sofa, call us. Our staff have the necessary knowledge to provide suitable cleaning of finished and unfinished leather surfaces. They can make your sofas perfectly clean, lustrous and look like new.

    Don’t risk to damage the fabric of your expensive pieces of furniture. Use our trustworthy leather sofa cleaning services which we offer in the SW6 London region at competitive prices. You will get the best possible results and won’t have to replace your old sofa with new.